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Fun Travel Activities for Kids

Fun Activities for Kids on a Plane

I recently traveled across the country with my two daughters to go visit our family back east. As you can imagine, it’s a long travel day and I am always looking out for fun easy crafts for travel to keep them both occupied. When you travel, especially on airplanes, the more compact and sturdy the products are the easier to throw them around and not worry about crayons slipping out of crushed boxes, etc.. Super Duper Scented Gel Pens

Best Gel Pens for Travel

So I compiled a handy portable art studio made up of the following to-die-for products from OOLY that made our long flight much more colorful and exciting. The biggest hit for my girls was the Super Duper Scented Gel Pens. The set comes with 24 brilliant colors (including 12 glitter, 6 neon and 6 pastel). Each gel pen has amazing sweet smells such as grape, orange, pineapple and cream. The best part was they come in this neat reusable plastic case for great organizing and travel. Sparkle Watercolor

No Mess Watercolor Crayons

My kids also called the Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons the smoothest crayons on the planet, and I’ve got to say that when I tried them out I must agree! These glide across the paper so easily and they come in 12 colored gel crayons with a thick, contoured grip. The best part was you just add a wet paintbrush for water color effects, which was great because we had our little plastic cup of water during the flight and voila! My kids were painting in their airplane seat but without the mess and hassle of carrying a set of paints. Brilliant! I also love the reusable plastic carrying case so throwing them in their backpacks was a snap. Super Mix Oil Pastels

Oil Pastels for Kids

Super Mix Oil Pastels are super silky and come in 24 colors (12 standard, 6 neon, 6 metallic) for masterful coloring because you can mix these oil pastels right on the paper for amazing new color blends. It writes on black paper and again comes in that beloved hard plastic reusable case. Brilliant Brush Markers

Painting with Markers

Brilliant Brush Painting Markers are like painting with a painter’s brush… but with easily transportable markers! They have a super fine and flexible felt tip and come in 12 brilliant colors in the travel reusable case. The best part? They are washable! Mini Monsters Markers

Pocket-Sized Travel Markers

The Mini Monsters Scented Neon Markers were the coolest because I gave them each the adorable pocket sized, fruity scented neon markers with goofy monster faces that fit right in their Nap SakZzz soft furry pencil cases and they loved these 6 little mini guys!

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