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How To Color With Markers

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Free expression, relaxation, and developing creativity are just a few of the benefits of coloring. Whether you prefer coloring books or to color in your own drawings, working with markers can satisfy your creative side. We at OOLY would like to offer some marker coloring tips to help improve your technique and learn some new ones as well. Before you can fill page after page with bright, beautiful colors, choose a style of marker that suits your comfort level and ability. Using the right kind of marker can help you feel more confident about the art you create and allow you to progress your talent naturally. Some of our marker sets are designed to make you fearless while coloring, such as our Make No Mistake erasable markers. Whether you accidentally drift outside the lines or want to change a shade, simply erase it and start again!

Build Your Technique Slowly

Whether you are encouraging a budding young artist or want to start using markers to advance your art, taking time to build your coloring techniques can help you identify the areas you would like to master. Take your time while coloring and note which techniques you especially enjoy, such as:
  • Blending
  • Shading
  • Creating textures
As you develop your art style, track which techniques need more attention. For example, if you find you have trouble shading, take some time to practice basic techniques. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it’s all part of the learning process!

Browse Tip Types

Some markers come with a variety of tips. Having different tips can help you enhance your detail work or help you quickly color a large area. Our pastel dual-tip markers offer versatility and efficiency for your next art project. markers

Experiment Often

Coloring with markers can be an inspiring hobby. As you get more experience, consider going beyond your comfort zone and try new blending and coloring techniques that develop your talent as an artist. For instance, consider using a new type of marker every few months and experiment with color styles you have never tried before to keep the creativity flowing.

Adding Markers To Your Art Kit

As you improve your craft, you may want to add more professional tools to your art kit. If you're ready to graduate from everyday markers, try Brush markers. With their intermediate style, you can work to blend the colors and outline spaces to add texture. No matter your art style, OOLY’s wide assortment of markers can take you on a daily coloring journey that inspires and pushes your creativity to the next level.

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