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How to Use Gel Pens For School

Gel Pens for School
When it’s time for school to start, students no doubt need pencils, erasers, and notebook paper to succeed in their classes. Far from being solely artistic tools, OOLY's gel pens have a place in practically every subject matter. Consider these creative ways you or your child can use these brightly colored pens to master your coursework.

Stay Organized

stay organized Staying organized is a key way to excel in school so you can keep track of all your homework assignments, essays, and exams. One of the best ways to avoid forgetting due dates is to keep a clear, thorough calendar. OOLY's gel pens can be enormously helpful when it comes to filling out your planner. Color coding can be a great organizational strategy. Whether your planner is in a monthly or a weekly format, you can record important dates using very specific colors of gel pens. Try dedicating one color to homework assignments, another to exams, and yet another to group meetings. This way, you can quickly glance at your calendar to remind yourself of each day's responsibilities.

Brainstorm Effectively

Gel Pens When you are asked to write a research paper or to complete some other major project, you’ll likely begin by brainstorming. This process helps you generate as many ideas as possible that you can later sort through and use to support your final product. Gel pens can help you neatly separate waves of ideas into distinct categories. An age-old brainstorming approach that many students find useful is known as mind-mapping. Start with a central idea in the middle of your paper and connect new ideas directly or indirectly to the central one. Try using OOLY's Fine Line Colored Gel Pens to record your thoughts in a small, color-coded script. Each color can help you break down a specific line of thought, separating it from the others. For instance, use one gel colored gel pen to write out specific examples of your central idea and another to suggest potential applications.

Maintain Your Focus

OOLY's Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens could be a fun way to approach note taking. Try using these bright colors to create headers for different sections of your notes or draw diagrams to help you remember specific concepts. When you are really desperate to stay awake, these pens are also great tools for doodling in the side margins of your paper. Their fun scents are sure to spice up the last class of the day, as well.

Make Memorization Easier

Colors can have a way of effectively settling information into your memory. For this reason, vibrantly colored gel pens could be a major asset when it comes to memorizing names, dates, and definitions. You could use Radiant Writers Glitter Gel Pens to make flashcards, for example. Try dedicating one of the eight colors in this set to each category of information. You could write down people's names in green, events in blue, and places in yellow. Similarly, gel pens could help you improve your note taking strategies. Writing or underlining key bits of information in color may make it easier to find these facts later on and to commit them to memory.

Edit Your Work

Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens One of the most important steps in writing is editing your initial draft. When editing, you can take note of minor errors, such as misspellings, as well as bigger issues, like the need to reorganize or better support certain ideas. With a set of gel pens, you can develop your own color code to mark up your work. This may be far more effective than sticking to the traditional red pen, as the variety of colors you use can remind you of the changes you want to make when forming your second draft. If you choose to go this route, consider creating a color-coded key at the top of your page. It's also best to work with fine-tipped gel pens so you can make small comments in the margins or in between lines of text.

Design Top-Notch Projects

Naturally, OOLY's gel pens can be used to create stunning works of art, too. Whether you're creating a tri-fold poster for the science fair or a smaller drawing to accompany a narrative, colorful ink is sure to add something extra to your final product. Give Color Luxe Gel Pens a go, for starters. This set includes 12 brightly colored pens that come in a handy container. Simply stick this kit in your backpack so you are always ready to draw or write beautifully.

Know When Not to Use Gel Pens

Finally, it's important to remember that there may be times when instructors don't allow their students to use brightly colored ink. Your math teacher, for instance, may strictly wish to see pencil or your homework assignments. Make sure you learn about each class's rules before using gel pens on an assignment you must turn in and check out OOLY’s line of fountain pens for black and blue ink options. OOLY offers a wide selection of gel pens, some with sparkles or scents, that you can use to organize and enhance your assignments. Pick out your set today so the days of forgotten quiz dates, mindless note taking, and colorless projects can be well behind you.

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