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Multi Media Art Project Idea

colorful bubbles on white paper with watercolor paint and glitter glue in background
Show your creativity by combining several products to make one fun and unique multi media art masterpiece. Adding multiple layers of products will give dimension and interest to your art. Try this abstract rainbow bubble artwork. It’s simple yet colorful and pretty enough to frame and display. sparkle glitter glue, watercolor paper, black markers and neon watercolor paints on white surface

What You'll Need:

Getting Started On Your Multi Media Art

Start by gather your supplies. First you’ll need a sturdy sheet of white paper, like watercolor paper or cardstock, a pencil (optional), The Ink Works Markers, Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set – Neon, Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue, a couple paper towel sheets and a cup of water. Now you’re ready to create!

hand drawing black circles on white paper

Draw Circles

Next, take your sheet of sturdy white paper and start by drawing random sized circles. Be sure to overlap a few of the circles to make it interesting. If you want your circles to be neater, try tracing around different sized round items, like a cup, a bowl, or even a coin. You can use a pencil to lightly draw them first or just go for it with a thick Ink Works marker. Remember to erase any visible pencil lines.

hand using blue paintbrush to paint neon in black outlined circle

Add Color

Now it’s time to paint! Get your Chroma Blends Watercolor Neon Paint, a cup of water, and a couple paper towel sheets. Paint 2 or 3 vibrant colors along the inside edges of each circle. Then blend where the colors meet. Making sure the center is a much lighter shade than the edges. This will give the bubbles the illusion of depth. Make each bubble a different combination of colors. You’ll have an explosion or rainbow-colored bubbles in no time. Remember to clean your brush between colors and dab your brush on the paper towel to clean off excess water and paint as needed. colorful bubbles on white paper with glitter glue

Make It Sparkle

After your watercolors have dried, it’s time to add some sparkle! Take the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue and start adding shimmery glitter to your rainbow bubbles. Add a little sparkle or glam it to the max with a whole lot of glitter. Just squeeze a bit of the corresponding color of glitter glue to each bubble color and spread it out with a paint brush. Or mix up the colors and add green sparkle on top of pink or blue on top of yellow. It’s up to you! The glitter will dry flat and adds all kinds of shimmery goodness to your artwork. Remember to clean your brush of all the glitter and glue with water and a paper towel. Let your masterpiece dry completely and Voila! Display it, frame it, and proudly proclaim it! You made a beautiful, fun, and colorful mixed media artwork that everyone will love. colorful bubbles on white surface with art supplies Now use your imagination and other combinations of products to make more creative mixed media masterpieces.

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