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OOLY'S At Home Activities: Themed Kits

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While the majority of us are practicing safely self distancing, I’d love to share an idea that we are using as a tool to keep kiddos engaged during extended time at home. I have put together a mermaid/ocean themed activity kit for my girls to pull at home activities from. While we can’t visit any beaches or islands right now, they can use their imaginations to create an underwater world of their own—right at home! In addition to mermaids, OOLY has a ton of other really fun themed options like monsters and unicorns. Also, if you’re looking for a more prepackaged option, OOLY offers their really adorable themed Happy Packs, that you can order right to your door. We are working to create a balance of things to do with the girls, at home, while also fostering independent play. We want to use this time together at home to create memories together, and to really find new ways to dream up our own fun. underwater themed art supplies on white surface

Diving Into Our At Home Activities for Kids

I purchased an inexpensive tub to keep all of our themed at home activities and supplies. Unlike the other toys in their playroom, my thought is that we put these special items away. In doing this, each time I pull them down, they’re just as exciting for the girls to dig into. They will have their own special time of the day. Lately, I have been setting the tub out in the morning for creative fun after breakfast. I also let my youngest color with our Stars of the Sea Crayons in the Outrageous Ocean Coloring Book while her older sister was spending time doing virtual schoolwork. I find coloring to be such a stress buster, and totally pulled up a chair to color along with Zarie this morning. It is amazing how much magic is found in crayons and a coloring book, even for us adults. two girls sitting at white table using scratch and scribble art kits You can’t go wrong with these products. I love the high quality and attention to every detail. Their whimsical designs are exemplary when it comes to diverse representation. It’s not easy to find mermaid products with various hair textures and skin tones. I loved that my girls get to be creative with characters that look like they do!

Build a Mermaid Themed Activity Kit

One activity for kids that I have found especially useful is the On-The-Go Stationery Kit-Magical Mermaids. It is the perfect set to have on hand for kiddos who miss their teacher, friends, and family. The stationary kits come in the cutest little starfish plastic tote, and feature: a notebook, postcards, letter sheets, envelopes, mechanical pencil, eraser, pen, and stickers.

How Creativity Helps

We are a military family, so we are used to finding creative ways to send our love all over the country. The girls are able to write (and color) special notes to the people who they love most. So far, they have written short and sweet notes to their grandparents. I am hoping to write to their cousins next. My girls get so excited to walk their letters to the mailbox, and hear back from loved ones near and far. If you’re considering curating an at-home activity kit for kids of your own, here are a couple of tips: Choose a variety of options. We want to make sure there are several items to keep the kit novel and fun.
  1. Consider a theme that you know your kiddo can really get excited about i.e. mermaids, monsters, girl power, etc.
  2. Decide on a special time during the day (or every other day) that you can bring your activity kit into play. Put it away when you’re done so it’s a treat every time you bring it around.
Enjoy spending intentional time together, making memories and using plenty of imagination with at home activities. These fun ideas will allow you to be more intentional, and afford us a bit more creativity during the days to come.

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