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Sophisticated Art With Children’s Art Supplies

colorful art supplies on white surface
One of the best ways to connect with your kiddos is to be creative with them and find your inner child when painting and drawing. I have always enjoyed sitting down with my children and doodling with them. I love finding ways to connect with children and art does just that! Finding a way to express your creativity has so many benefits for any age. While there are many benefits of drawing and painting, the ones that impacted me the most are that it made me happier and it reduced stress. Continue reading on to see how my husband and I have created more sophisticated pieces using our children’s art supplies.

colorful art supplies on wooden surface

Cards for any Occasion

We have had several holidays, birthdays and anniversaries pass. My children have always made cards for their friends and relative’s birthdays. Then I began thinking, why don’t I do the same? Not only does it save a few dollars from purchasing a card, but it also creates a more meaningful card for the occasion. First, I created a card for my wedding anniversary. Then, I even began creating cards for friends who were going through a hard time and needed some inspiration. It not only saved me a trip to the store, but it brought me joy, improved my mood and helped me relax. Taking the time to make artwork for a loved one or a friend is rewarding. For these cards I used the Paper Works Sketchbook, Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers, and Big Bright Brush Markers.

colorful card with markers on white surface

Artwork for Display

Lastly, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed using the Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons, the Chroma Blends Circular Water Color Paper, and the Lil Paint Brush Set. My family and I sat down to do some artwork together and created some great pieces that will be displayed throughout our home. I created an orange flower with these three items. Then my husband created my child’s favorite Pokemon! He free handed this character and we let our children color it with the Smooth Stix! We will be making this a weekly activity because it allowed for us to have great quality time while enjoying something we all like to do. flower drawing on circular watercolor paper As a teacher of over ten years, OOLY is the #1 brand I recommend for all things art! Creating cards for special occasions, making art to display or enjoying art as a family, you can’t go wrong with sophisticated art with children's art supplies. Don’t forget to create your happy!
Danitzia Singh is a preschool teacher and blogger with a passion for sharing her parenting tips. Find her on Instagram for more ideas: @themomtessorilife

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