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Productive Morning Routine With Children Using Art Supplies

two children sitting at white table coloring with watercolor crayons
Establishing a productive morning routine is important and sets the tone for the rest of the day. With distant learning coming soon for many in the next few weeks, I wanted to share with you my tips & tricks for how our family gets through busy mornings with art supplies! It’s important to remember to be flexible with scheduling and young children. Keeping things light and fun will help keep the children happy!

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The Night Before

Productive mornings begin the night before. I am a firm believer in getting good sleep. Without good sleep, children may wake up in not-so-great moods so this is a priority for us. Having a consistent and predictable bedtime routine also helps set the tone for the following day. We like to turn off the tv and have electronics off for at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, we will often do some artwork to wind down the children. We aim for an 8:30pm bedtime. I also have some white noise on all night while they sleep and I find that this helps them sleep better. After my kids go down for the night, I head to the kitchen to plan out our breakfast for the next day. You can write it down if you would like, but I just make a mental note. During this time, I also like to make sure that our work spaces and desks are clear and ready to go with our workbooks or anything else that may be needed for the day.

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Claim Your Time for a Productive Morning Routine

I like 30-45 minutes of “me time” before my day with the kids gets started. I find that taking the time for myself every morning helps me get my mind right. During this quiet time, I like drink my coffee (while it’s still hot) and get some reading in, or listen to a podcast. You can do anything you would like during this time, such as yoga, meditation, etc. I also will review my planner during this time and make a to-do list of things that must be done that day. These Pocket Pal Mini Journals and Note Pal Sticky Tabs help keep things organized for me.

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Kids Wake Up Call & Breakfast

Once the kids are awake, we give them age-appropriate tasks for them to do. They still need help brushing teeth, so I help them with this before we head to the kitchen for breakfast. Breakfast should always be nutritional and filling to keep the children full until snack or lunch. It’s important to remember that not all mornings will run smoothly. If I am ever in a rush, I like to make smoothies for breakfast (mixed berries, spinach, bananas, milk).

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Be Flexible

Morning routines do not mean that everything is over planned. I like to include some fun and art into our morning routine. After breakfast is done, they usually have some time for art while I finish getting ready. During this time, I like to play some feel-good music for them to enjoy while they do artwork! Sometimes, my daughter will even begin working in her workbook. She uses the Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters to practice sight recognition. The highlighters being scented makes her homework more fun for her! While she is working and coloring, my son will also begin doing some artwork play while my husband as I finish getting ready for the day. The both love using the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers to color.

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Make Small Goals

We like to set small goals for the day and for the week. I often let my children pick their favorite snacks for movie night on Friday nights if all homework & goals are met. Offering small rewards helps my family stay on track and gives us a better chance at having a smooth and productive day!
Danitzia Singh is a preschool teacher and blogger with a passion for sharing her parenting tips. Find her on Instagram for more ideas: @themomtessorilife

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