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OOLY's Top Pastel Picks - Spring Into the Season

Twisty Sticks Oil Pastels and Pastel Liners make the perfect pastel OOLY art and school supplies this spring!
Let the spring season pastel colors inspire your next art or craft project, check out all OOLY's top pastel picks! Pink, yellow, purple, blue and all pastel colors of the rainbow! Celebrate the coming of spring with OOLY’s favorite pastel art and school supplies. From Pairsian inspired macaron erasers and cute pastel highlighters to ready-to-go gift sets, these supplies are perfect for Easter or any spring crafts. In this post, we’ve curated a list OOLY's top pastel picks to help add some springtime inspiration and perfectly pastel color into your everyday. Whether you’re an artist, crafter or planner, stay tuned, we’ve got you covered. OOLY's Top Pastel Picks include erasers, highlighters and more!


Modern Writers Gel Pens + Pocket Pal Journals - Oh My Ombre!

First, bring springtime colors and vibrant detail to your artistic creations anytime or anywhere with OOLY’s best selling fine tip gel pens and pocket pal journals. With six different ink colors and a set of eight beautiful graduated color journals, Modern Writer Gel Pens and Oh My Ombre! Pocket Pal Journals are the perfect mix to let your colorful creations bloom! Modern Writers Gel Pens and Oh My Ombre Pocket Pal Journals are the perfect pastel set this spring.

Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers

Next, there’s no better way to welcome the season’s colors then with our Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers. A perfect gift for artists of any age, these eight dual-ended markers make an excellent tool for coloring, drawing, highlighting or writing pastel-inspired notes to your nearest and dearest. Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers are the perfect highlighters with a both a chisel and marker tip.

Fab Fountain Pens - Set of 4

Mix and match your style to your school supplies, stationary, or surroundings with four different pastel colored fountain pens. These black ink, fine-tip Fab Fountain Pens let you create delicate lines perfect for noting down all your springtime adventures. Mix and match caps and barrels! Fab Fountain Pens come in pastel colors with mix and match caps!

Le Macaron Pâtisserie Scented Erasers + Le Bonbon Pâtisserie Scented Pastel Highlighters

Bonjour Parisian style erasers and pastel highlighters! Welcome culture and style into your supplies with our NEW Le Macaron Pâtisserie Scented Erasers + Le Bonbon Pâtisserie Scented Pastel Highlighters. Inspired from decorated french pastries, these erasers and highlighters will bring sweet scents to your nose, craft projects and spring writings.

Le Macaron Pâtisserie Scented Erasers and Le Bonbon Pâtisserie Scented Pastel Highlighters are fun pastel supplies.


Fluffy Friends Happy Pack

What’s sweet, cute and encourages springtime creativity and personal style? That’s right, this Happy Pack brings together all of your favorite fluffy friends with OOLY’s Magical Rainbow Glitter Pen, Cotton Candy Scented Stickers, Candy Shoppe Note Pals and more! Fun and organization has never been so cute and colorful. The Fluffy Friends Happy Pack makes perfect pastel pick this spring!

Budding Artist Kids Paint Gift Set

Up next, the smoothest painting experience awaits! With customer-favorite Chunkies Paint Sticks and a Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbook, kids will go crazy this spring for this fun and mess-free paint set. This classic set makes the perfect spring-time gift, complete with bow! Image of Budding Artist Kids Paint Gift Set, including duo pad duos and chunkies paint sticks.

All Rainbows All the Time Pack

Heart-shaped stacking crayons, color-changing markers, a giant rainbow eraser, a set of two doodle pads, and rainbow-themed graphite pencils- need we say more!? Rainbows All the Time Pack will bring springtime happiness and blossoming colors into your life, and into your artwork. This super set, complete with bow, is sure to brighten up your spring with all the colors in the rainbow! OOLY's All Rainbows All the Time Pack complete with bow and image of all the pack contents.

Twisty Stix Oil Pastels

Finally, 12 vibrant oil pastel colors for artists of all ages and stages in life. With an easy twist-up barrel, revealing your colorful Twisty Stix Oil Pastels is easy and now clean! In addition, these 12 brilliant twist-up pastels are blendable, perfect for creating colors and artwork that is uniquely yours. OOLY Twisty Stick Oil Pastels in packaging and lined up rainbow order. How'd we do? Didn’t find the pastel colored product(s) that you were looking for? Browse all of our spring-inspired pastel supplies or curate your own collection of colorful school and art must-haves. Happy spring shopping!

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