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Mermaid Crafts For A Swimmingly Good Summer

Mermaid Crafts For A Swimmingly Good Summer

Sparkly Mermaid Crafts for Kids Made With Cardboard

2 completed mermaid craft cutouts made with cardboard Celebrate a swimmingly good summer with sparkly mermaid crafts! Using all of your favorite art supplies, create a mermaid as unique as you! Read below for the full tutorial to make your own.

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

Draw the outline of a mermaid and two shells onto a piece of cardboard using a pencil. Cut the outlines out with scissors. Looking online for examples/inspiration can help with creating your mermaid outline.

Step 2:

Choose a metallic color paint stick from the Chunkies Variety Pack to color your mermaidโ€™s tail. Choose a different color of metallic paint sticks to paint the two shells -- this will be your mermaidโ€™s top. Remember, you can easily blend 2 colors together to create a new color!

Step 3:

Pick one of the Rainbow Sparkle Gel Crayons to color in the top half of your mermaid. Since these are gel crayons, you can use a wet paintbrush to spread the colors. I found that using circular motions with the brush helps spread the color evenly.

Step 4:

Once all of your paint has dried, select a couple of the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers to add details like scales to your mermaidโ€™s tail and shells. I created the scales using rows of half circles.

Step 5:

Add some sparkle by brushing glitter onto your mermaidโ€™s tail and shells. Each jar has a brush attached to the cap, making it easy and clean to add glitter!

Step 6:

Use a hot glue gun to glue the mermaidโ€™s shells onto her body.

Step 7:

Draw & color in your mermaid's face using Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers, and add googly eyes with a bit of glue. Don't forget to draw on some eyelashes too!

Step 8:

Create your mermaidโ€™s yarn hair by cutting 10-15 equal length pieces of yarn. Cut the yarn longer than you think you want the mermaidโ€™s hair to be- you can always trim it once it is in place. You can choose one color of yarn or mix a few together to add some fun highlights! Line up the yarn so that the ends are together and aligned. Then cut a shorter piece of yarn to tie it into a bundle at one end.

Step 9:

Use the hot glue gun to glue the tied end of the yarn bundle onto the back of your mermaidโ€™s head. Glue the yarn bundle off to either the left or right side. Gently pull the yarn over to the front of your mermaidโ€™s face and arrange it into the style you like. You can choose to braid the yarn, or pull a few pieces to either side of her face. Once you like the arrangement, use the hot glue to help secure the yarn in place. Give it a trim if needed! These DIY mermaid crafts make great wall hangings, party dรฉcor, or a mermaid-themed crafting party that everyone will enjoy! This is a guest post by Emily Limer from Making with Mommy. Follow her on Instagram for more kidsโ€™ craft ideas @makingwithmommy Click the links to shop our full online store or get more craft ideas today!

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