i heart grl pwr happy pack


i heart grl pwr happy pack

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Feel the love and unleash your creative power with the I Heart Girl Power Happy Pack! Weave your magic with the Hearts Glitter Wand Pen before you adorn the pages with the GRL PWR scented sticker collection. Finally, keep your place and stay organized with the Rainbow Hearts Note Pals Sticky Tabs. 

The black ink ballpoint glitter pen is a magical tool and perfect for a creative mind and hand! As you write the Glitter Wand Pen sparkles and shines in your hand and across the page. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can add some empowering GRL PWR deco with the scented collection of GRL PWR stickers. Simply give the stickers a light scratch and they will release an amazing strawberry scent! Yummy! And to make sure you can keep track of your lovely work, the included Rainbow Heart Note Pals Sticky Tabs are just the trick! This pack will send hearts aflutter when given as a simple gift or party favor!

  • GRL PWR Scented Stickers collection includes empowering quotes
  • GRL PWR Scented Stickers release a delicious strawberry scent when scratched
  • Rainbow Hearts Note Pals help keep your notes and reminders in place
  • Give the Hearts Glitter Wand Pen a shake and watch the glitter sparkle around
  • Ballpoint nib with black ink for smooth writing

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