stickiville monster truck stickers


stickiville monster truck stickers

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Monster truck stickers you’ll REVVVel in

Start your imagination engines because these monster truck stickers will ignite your creativity! An awesome addition to any sticker collection, these epoxy stickers feature whimsical themes like ice cream and tigers, as well as adorable quotes like “Let’s Roll!”

Put some vroom and some zoom into your child’s day with these amazing monster truck stickers! This single sticker sheet includes an awesome variety of monster trucks - each one with its own unique design - from food themed trucks like ice cream cones and tacos, to animal trucks like tigers and sharks - there’s something for every big-wheeled fan! These epoxy stickers are a fun and imaginative addition to your monster sticker collection!

  • Monster truck stickers
  • Designs feature monster trucks in a variety of themes like ice cream and tigers
  • Includes one sticker sheet of monster truck-themed stickers
  • Epoxy stickers with hypnotic effects that will catch the eye
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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