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Recess Kindness Activities Bonus BoxRecess Kindness Activities Bonus Box
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Color Your Campus Kind Bonus BoxColor Your Campus Kind Bonus Box
Color Your Campus Kind Bonus Box Sale price$94.99 Regular price$119.44

Prepare for a year of kindness and creativity with the Kids For Peace Bonus Boxes – the perfect companions to get your classroom ready for The Great Kindness Challenge and inspire compassion throughout the year. Packed with carefully selected items, these bundles not only nurture a culture of kindness but also offer a fantastic way to save, making it a win-win for teachers, parents, and advocates of positive change.

Prepare for a year of kindness and creativity

Introducing the Kids For Peace Bonus Boxes - unleashing creativity and spreading kindness, one colorful creation at a time!

For parents and teachers yearning to ignite a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, behold the Kids For Peace Bonus Boxes – your ultimate arsenal of artful wonders! Inspired by the awe-inspiring Great Kindness Challenge, these meticulously curated bundles are bursting with a kaleidoscope of creativity, delivering everything you need to transform your school or classroom into a fun learning hub.

Unleash the power of kindness, cultivate empathy, and ignite an artistic revolution with our handpicked selection of items. From enchanting notebooks that spark the imagination to engaging activities that unveil hidden talents, each bundle brims with a treasure trove of colorful supplies, ready to awaken the artist within.

Join the kindness movement and embark on a transformative journey where compassion and respect flourish like wildflowers. Whether you're a dedicated teacher, a nurturing parent, or an ardent advocate of positive change, these vibrant bundles are the key to unlocking a world of kindness throughout the year.

Let us unite in empowering the generations to come as they blossom into fearless ambassadors of peace, spreading joy and radiating kindness with every brushstroke and doodle. Together, let's craft a world where the celebration of kindness knows no bounds.

This year OOLY joins Kids for Peace, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and home to The Great Kindness Challenge. By spreading kindness, you'll not only make the world a better place but also boost your own well-being. Let's make this school year an A+! For more information about this partnership, visit