note pals sticky tabs - planet pals

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note pals sticky tabs - planet pals

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Sure, you can get plain old sticky tabs for your office, but why not get something that also provides a dose of inspiration and fun?! Note Pals is here with these adorable planet stickers that will mark your page just as well as their plain sticky-tab cousins. But with these colorful alternatives you’re also treated to a dash of imagination every time you mark your page!

Inspired by far away galaxies… these sticky tabs are the perfect gift for that friend who dreams of being among the stars. Note Pals sticky note tabs are always fun, but these are particularly suited for those space-loving friends. Each one features an absolutely adorable space and planet design in soft pink, purple, and yellow shades. They’re the perfect sticky tabs for books, notebooks, and other study tools because they provide a great way to organize your studies without leaving your imagination behind. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

out of this world sticky note tabs

  • Sticky note tabs from Note Pals featuring fun planet designs
  • 128 paper tabs
  • Great for marking your pages while you’re studying and organizing
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

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