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give happy - ooly

Our mission is to passionately provide fun and unique products that inspire creativity and self-expression for all. The “all” is very important to us and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and the tools to express their creativity. We love to support underserved communities; teachers, students and programs that encourage creativity.

On a national level we work with AdoptAClassroom, a 501(c)(3) holding a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. They empower teachers by providing the supplies and materials needed to help their students learn and succeed.

Our overall efforts focus on teacher grants for classroom supplies, school adoptions and local projects and organizations.

we create our happy through giving!

We recognize the need for art supplies in classrooms and we want to help meet those needs.

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why support classrooms?

Did you know that K-12 teachers spend an average of $740 a year of their own money on classroom supplies?

Many classrooms are chronically underfunded for even basic necessities, let alone for creative supplies that spur imagination and encourage student expression. We think it’s a big deal that every student should have the opportunity to discover more of themselves through the joy of art and creative expression.

Teachers are heroes who already do everything they can and shouldn’t have the burden of spending their own money to make a difference.