notes on a roll sticky note set - trendy trio


notes on a roll sticky note set - trendy trio

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Keep tabs on all your organizing with the Notes On A Roll sticky note set. Notes On A Roll is like one continuous sticky note that comes out like a long piece of tape. And the whole sticky note has an adhesive backing so it really sticks. You decide how big is because you can tear it off like a piece of tape. Write any kind of note, reminder or idea and stick it in your notebook, calendar or anything else you like. This sticky note set is perfect for keeping your school, work and home life organized. The Trendy Trio Notes On A Roll set comes with one large 19 foot roll and another roll with a small and larger 19 foot sticky note so you can really get organized. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

fun sticky notes on a roll

  • Sticky Note Set with Dispenser
  • It Rolls Out Like a Piece of Tape
  • 1 Large Sticky Note Roll - This large, fully adhesive back sticky note is big enough for writing great notes.
  • 1 Roll with 2 Smaller Sticky Notes - This sticky note roll is great for keeping smaller reminders.
  • 1 Dispenser Included
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up

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