stickiville great to motivate sticker book


stickiville great to motivate sticker book

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Motivation you’ll want to stick with

Collecting stickers is a pretty happy endeavor, but this motivational sticker book will leave you feeling good with a capital G! It includes 10 pages filled with inspirational and reward stickers, so it’ll be easy to spread all that goodness around!

Let’s face it, some days you just need a little reminder that You. Are. Awesome! This Great to Motivate sticker book is exactly what you need on days like that. It’s packed with 10 pages of paper stickers that boast inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, and uplifting designs, so you can not only use them as a way to keep you feeling at your best, you can also spread that love around! This sticker book is also great for teachers, tutors, parents, or anyone who wants to let their students, kids, or someone they care about know that they are absolutely fabulous!

  • Sticker book with inspirational quotes and more
  • Designs feature a motivational stickers with inspirational quotes like “Love Yourself” and “Radiate Positivity”
  • Includes one sticker book with ten sticker sheets
  • Paper stickers
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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