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Great Gifts for any Kids on Your List

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colorful school supplies on wooden surface The holidays are right around the corner and OOLY and I are excited to put together this list for you to make it easy to shop these gifts for any kids on your list! Between teaching for over 10 years and parenting for 5, I have a pretty good grasp on what kids love. Plus, art is so fun for all ages! These items have been tried and true by my own two kiddos and they are some of our favorites!

red chunkies paint stick coloring on white paper

Chunkies Paint Sticks

This is our all time favorite OOLY product! These have been used by my children and students for the past two years and they are great for young children with small hands. These Chunkie Paint Sticks are easy for little ones to grasp and develop their fine motor skill while enjoying some art.

air dry clay on wooden circle

Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit

This clay was wonderful for my children to play with! It allows them to be creative and it is soft enough for them to mold on their own without my help. We made some pretend cookies with this set. We also added some fun cookie cutters to make some creative shapes. I love the endless possibilities this activity has!

coloring book and markers on carpeted floor

Princesses and Fairies Stampable Coloring Giftables Pack

My daughter was all about this set! I love that the Stampable Coloring Set doubles as stamps & markers, a two in one set! Each stamp was a different shape and color. This set makes a great simple gift that sparks creativity!

craft paper on carpet

The Paper Works Sketchbook

This is a favorite product of ours! This Sketch Book has such high-quality paper making it easy for my children to draw on. The paper is so durable and does not rip no matter how much pressure my daughter puts on it when she is coloring!

smiling boy holding markers in front of christmas tree

Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers

Anything scented is always fun! These markers are scented and are two sided with different points on each end to add some variety in your drawings. I remember enjoying scented markers as a child and it brings nostalgia when I see my children enjoying them too!

pink gel crayon on white paper

Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons

Santa gifted my children these last year and they were a hit! We love using these as a family at the kitchen table for some family art quality time. These Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons also last for a long time, making them such a great product for us since my children love art!

bear stickers in front of smiling girl

Beary Yummy Happy Pack

Let’s talk about more scented items! This pack is so adorable also comes with scented stickers! The scented stickers were my daughter’s favorite. This Beary Yummy Happy Pack is a quick and easy gift as a stocking stuffer!

smiling girl holding notebook

Jot It! Notebook - Chill, Own Luck, Planets

Speaking of stuffing some stockings…Jot It! Notebooks are great for stockings as well because they are smaller and compact. These are great for any age and gender. The younger child can use them for coloring, the older child can use them for writing, and an adult can use these for making grocery lists, jotting down notes & more!

Little Creator Super Size Bonus Box

If you are looking for a great gift box, look no further! This Little Creator Super Size Bonus Box comes with all the items a child will need to enjoy art!

Stars and Shine Bonus Box

I’m not sure what Santa has up his sleeve, but if I had to guess, I’d bet on this Stars & Shine Bonus Box! This is the ultimate gift set! All of the products featured in this include items that my students and children have loved to use!
Danitzia Singh is a preschool teacher and blogger with a passion for sharing her parenting tips. Find her on Instagram for more ideas: @themomtessorilife

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