stars and shine bonus box

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stars and shine bonus box

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Surround yourself with sparkly glittery fun! With the Stars and Shine Bonus Box you can add colorful, shiny, shimmery, dazzling, sparkle to brighten up all your dull projects! As a bonus, you get a free gift and free shipping*!

Make a writing wish with a charming Starry Starry Writers gel pen; complete with a sparkly star charm capping this 0.5mm fine tip black ink smooth writing gel pen. With a gorgeous star charm atop every cap, it will remind you with every stroke that you are a star too!

The Celestial Stars Pocket Pals Journals are a set of beautifully designed pocket notebooks. The set comes with 8 unique pocket sized notebooks each featuring starry, nighttime constellation patterns with unicorns, seahorses and more. These travel-size journals are truly pocket sized at 3.5 by 5 inches with an upscale stitched binding.

Add a bit of bling to your pencil collection with, not 1 but 2, Rainbow Glitter Gem Writers Pencils. Shimmery, glittery barreled pencils topped with a sparkly colored gem will make homework a happy time. These no. 2 graphite pencils are perfect for sketching, office work and school work.

Pair your pencils with the Mighty Pencil Sharpener. This handy sharpener has 3 sized holes for sharpening different sized pencil barrels and holds the shavings until you’re ready to toss ‘em to keep everything neat and tidy.

Oh My Glitter Notebooks will have you be the talk of the town with the sparkly notebooks covers that'll fit in your pretty little pocket. Each notebook has 64 lined pages at 4 by 5.75 inches

Charm to Charm Crayons are gem shaped stackable crayons. Each of the 12 charms has a single colored fine tipped crayon and is totally interchangeable from the rest. Stack them any way you like!

Planets Jot-It Notebook is a 4.1 by 5.8 inch (A6 size) journal that has 64 pages of lined paper with stitched binding and a colorful holographic cover with a happy planet theme.

The Celestial Stars Glitter Wand Pen will have you seeing glittery stars when you give it a shake! This glittery star pen has smooth rolling ballpoint black ink for writing or doodling.

Set of 3 Sophia Star Bracelets - Think fun with this layered bead bracelet set that features a delightful glitter resin star charm

Bonus 1 - FREE Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens. What writes with glittery smooth ink and has wonderful fruity scents? Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens, the smoothest writing gel pens with the sparkly ink! Each of the 12 colorful pens has its own delightful fruit scent too. These will soon become your favorite pens!

Bonus 2 -  Free shipping!*

Stars And Shine Bonus Box:

  • **Starry Starry Writers Black Ink Gel Pen - Star charm topped gel pen
  • Mini Pocket Pal Journals: Celestial Stars - Set of 8 mini journals
  • **Rainbow Glitter Gem Writers Pencils - Gem topped No. 2 graphite pencils
  • **Mighty Pencil Sharpener - 3 holed pencil sharpener
  • Oh My Glitter! Notebooks: Amethyst & Rhodolite - Set of 3 (4" x 5.75")
  • Charm to Charm Stacking Star Crayons - 12 star stack crayons
  • **Celestial Stars Glitter Wand Pen - Shake barrel for glittery stars
  • Planets Jot-it Notebook - 64 lined page journal
  • Sophia Bracelets - set of 3 bracelets with stunning charms
  • Bonus 1 - FREE Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens - Set of 12 scented glitter gel pens
  • *Bonus 2 - Free shipping in the contiguous U.S. only. Other restrictions may apply.
  • **All styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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