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Paper Snow Globe Craft: Easy and Mess Free

paper snow globe on blue background
art supplies on white background Create a beautiful, paper snow globe art project that is also mess-free! This project is the perfect way to welcome the winter season. With sparkly gel crayons, glitter glue and pearly paints this snow globe project will bring a bit of winter wonderland magic into your home! When you’re finished, you can display your snow globe on a bookshelf or add a little hanger on the back to hang it on the wall. Read below for the full tutorial and learn to make your own paper snow globe art.

What You'll Need to Create Your Paper Snow Globe

How to Create a Winter Scene

First, open your Chroma Blends Circular Watercolor Paper and remove one piece. Using a paintbrush and some water, splotch different colors of blue and purple watercolor paints onto the paper. I love the variety of different colors in the Lil Watercolor Paint Pods set and used several shades of blue and purple!round paper with blue and purple lines with watercolor palette on grey surface Before blending your watercolor paints, use the Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons to color over your watercolor paint. I used the light purple color. These will blend with your watercolor paints and add some sparkle to your artwork. purple watercolor crayon held in front of blue and purple painting on white circular paper Use a wet paintbrush to blend all of the colors together on your watercolor paper and allow it to dry. blue paint brush held in front of blue and purple watercolor on white circular paper Once your watercolor has dried completely, use the white paint from your Lil Poster Paint Pods set to begin to paint the scene inside your snow globe. Then I painted a snowy ground along the bottom of the circle and added a snowman! You may need to add multiple coats of white paint to get a solid look. Now allow your paint to dry between coats. snowman painted on blue and purple background Next, use one of the black markers from The Ink Works Markers set to draw some evergreen trees on either side of your snowman. snowman and trees painted on blue and purple background Use the green paint from your Poster Paint Pods to paint your trees green! You will still be able to see the marker lines through the paint which will help your trees to stand out against the blue and purple background. Let all of your paint dry completely before moving on to the next step. snowman and trees on blue and purple background Once your paint is dry you can add the finishing touches to your snow globe scene! First, I used the Ink Works markers to add eyes, a mouth, buttons, and arms to my snowman. Next, I used the blue glitter from the Mini Dots Pixie Paste Glitter Glue Set to add some sparkle to the trees! You use a paintbrush to apply this glitter - it’s one of my favorite OOLY products! Finally, use the Dot-A-Lot Pearlescent Craft Paint Set to add the final pieces. I used the gold paint to give the snowman a nose and add stars to the tops of the trees. Then, use the white paint to add snow all around your snow globe scene! All you need is a gentle squeeze with these paints and they dry and remain dimensional on your artwork. snowman and trees on blue and purple background surrounded by craft paint and black markers

How to Make the Cardboard Background

Next, we will use the cardboard to create the remainder of your snow globe. Then use your Chunkies Paint Sticks to paint a large square of cardboard white. Make sure this square is larger than your watercolor paper! Next, cut a trapezoid cardboard shape for the bottom of your snow globe. I used the purple paint stick to paint this part, but you can use any color you like. Chunkies dry in just a couple of minutes so you can move onto the final step once your other paint is all dry. cardboard painted white and black using chunkies paint sticks Once all of your paint has dried, you can assemble your snow globe art! I used a hot glue gun to attach all of the pieces. Make sure you have an adult help you use hot glue! First, glue the snow globe scene on the watercolor paper onto the large white square. Then use scissors to cut the cardboard into a circle leaving about a 1” border around the edge of your watercolor paper. Now, glue the top of the cardboard trapezoid to the bottom of the circle. Finally, attach the top of the trapezoid to the back of the circle. Lastly, your snow globe is now complete! winter scene on paper snow globe
This guest post was written by Emily Limer, a mom of three and preschool teacher from North Carolina. You can follow her on Instagram @makingwithmommy for more kids craft activities.

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