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Kawaii Inspired DIY Mason Jar Pen, Marker and Pencil Holders

Kawaii Inspired DIY Mason Jar Pen, Marker and Pencil Holders
Sam here from Color Made Happy. I’m excited to start my series as a special guest blogger for OOLY. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of pens, pencils, markers, and all things rainbow. I’m always looking for beautiful ways to organize my art supplies, and mason jars are a great solution. And while I think this project is perfect for keeping your own art supplies in order, they’d also work great in a classroom or a kids’ craft area. If there’s one takeaway from this arts and crafts project, let it be known that there’s a secret weapon when it comes to painting mason jars. Don’t be seduced by acrylic paints that are for “multi-surfaces”. During my first attempt at this project I tried painting acrylics directly onto the mason jars. Bad idea! While the first layer went on okay, the second layer peeled off the first layer. That’s when I learned about my secret weapon: primer. When you use primer, you’ll find that painting on mason jars is super easy. Here’s what you need to make it happen. Project Time: 60 minutes plus drying time

What You Need to Make Kawaii Painted Mason Jar Pen and Pencil Holders:


1. Remove the lids from your mason jars, then turn the jars upside down and apply one or two layers of white primer. 2. Once the primer is dry, using a foam paint brush, apply the first coat of acrylic paint to each mason jar. Let that first layer dry until it is completely dry to the touch, and add a second coat of paint. I used two coats, but you can add a third if you’d like. Let that dry completely. 3. Use a pencil to outline the faces you want to paint on the mason jars. 4. Use your paintbrush with acrylic paint to color in the faces. 4. Once the acrylic paint is dry, spray the mason jars with a sealant to protect them from chipping and scratching. 5. Add the lids back onto the mason jars, and fill the jars with pens, pencils, markers, or paint brushes. Your finished mason jars are great for holding arts + diy supplies, but of course they can also be used for storing or displaying a variety of other items like, flowers, succulents, utensils and straws at a party, and even toothbrushes in the bathroom. Lots of possibilities, and I’d love to see what you come up with! If you’re on instagram tag your post #ArtwithOOLY. For more colorful ideas and DIYs, be sure to follow along on Instagram with OOLY. Happy Crafting, xo. Sam

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