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Snowflake Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Snowflake suncatcher being held in front of the sun
Craft by @littlelucytotschool on Instagram This is one snowflake that won’t melt in the sun! This easy art and craft idea from OOLY says “see ya” to delicate snowy white flakes, letting you create a dazzling, anything but boring snowflake that is both eye-catching and sun-catching!. These vibrant, sun-catching DIY holiday snowflakes are just what you need to keep little hands busy as you countdown the minutes until Santa comes down the chimney. Time Duration: 20 minutes Skill Level: Beginner OOLY Products Needed: Other Items Needed:
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Sticky paper
  • Optional: tissue paper
Step 1: Tear a sheet of paper from Chunkies Paper Sketchbook Pad and fold the top corner into a triangle.
Step 2: Cut off excess strip and then fold into another triangle, repeat fold into one more triangle.
Step 3: Use scissors to start your snowflake design. *Parent supervision is always required with scissors, assist your little one in their cutting if needed.
Step 4: Now for the fun, decorate your snowflake! Chunkies Paint Sticks & Mighty Mega Markers are the best for little hands. Stampables Double-Ended Markers allow for such creative additional elements!
Step 5: Once your decorating is complete, cut a square of sticky paper to attach to one side of your snowflake (attach to the back side of the snowflake if you have one established).
Step 6: Use Chunkies Paint Sticks to add color to the sticky parts. As a fun addition, you can also tear up colored tissue paper and add to the sticky parts (optional).
Step 7: Take your finished sun catcher masterpiece outside into the sun and see the magic! Catch a little sunshine by displaying these vibrant snowflakes on a window, hanging them from a tree branch, or simply taking them outside and holding them up for the world to see. They also make fun DIY holiday gift for friends and family.
We would love to see photos of your craft projects! Tag us on Instagram at @WeAreOOLY using #OOLYcreateyourhappy.

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