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Buzzing With Excitement Over Art Gifts For Boys

For the boy with endless energy and an unstoppable imagination OOLY offers a variety of art gifts and gift sets. Whether your little one is just looking to doodle or busy exploring his imagination, there is certainly a gift in this lineup that will make a perfect fit.

Choose from writing supply sets focused on helping ideas float onto paper or art sets that are packed full of bright colors and textures just waiting to be explored. Shop by age to pick the most appropriate kits for your giftee, or select a set that caters to the mode of creation your boy loves best.

OOLY has color on black coloring gift sets for a cool doodling effect, monster click-it erasers to get rid of any mistake in the most fun way, big bright brush markers for bold painting projects and fox, cat, or dog Carry Along sketchbooks to take the exploration with you.