stationery kits

Stationery Kits Put The Wonder Back In Writing

Revive your love for writing with these stationery kits that are drenched in vivid color and designs. Each kit is packed full of imaginative ways to send a message whether you’re writing your pen pal, passing a note to a friend, or dropping a line with a quick postcard.

The Unique Unicorn set is perfect for little kids and not so little kids alike, who love to experience a little fun and fancy when they’re writing their besties. Magical Mermaids stationery is swimming in a sea of deep color that will have your imagination sailing in no time. Keep things cool and fun with the Fresh Fruits stationery kit that will keep you bebopping to your own chill beat.

Each kit comes with a notepad, letter paper with envelopes, postcards, pencils, four-color pens, stickers, a carrying case, and an eraser - everything you need to have fun writing to family and friends.