stitch & sketch cover sketchbook


stitch & sketch cover sketchbook

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Keep your sketches, drawings and writing in a sketchbook that's different from any other. Make your own threaded creations with the Stitch and Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook. This Sketchbook comes with a plastic threading needle, 9 yards of purple embroidery thread and a DIY cover with pre-punched stitching holes so you can make incredible stitching artwork on your new sketchbook. The sketchbook has 42 blank pages at 5 by 8 inches; it's plenty of room for amazing sketches but small enough to easily stow away in a bag. 7 example designs are included and even 4 blank DIY templates so you can plot out your own amazing stitch cover. See 30 more stitch and sketch designs here. Try mixing and matching colored thread from different colored Stitch and Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbooks for a cover with even more color. Available in 2 Colors.

stitching cover sketchbook

  • Sketchbook with DIY Stitch Cover
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Included 9 Yards of Thread
  • 3-Inch Plastic Threading Needle
  • 42 Acid Free Pages
  • 5 by 8 Inch Sketchbook
  • Insert Card with 32 Designs and 4 Blank DIY Templates
  • Elastic Holding Band
  • Suitable for Children 6 Years and Up

Download Stitch Patterns Here

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