Watercolor Paint Sets And So Much More

lil Watercolor Paint Pod set with watercolor paint and paintbrush
lil' Watercolor Paint Pods


OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks set in packaging. Set of 12.
Chunkies Paint Sticks

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Watercolor Paint Sets And So Much More

If painting is your pleasure, OOLY has a wide variety of inspiring paints, sets, and accessories to kick your painting projects into gear. Whether you’re looking to just explore or you're getting serious about just how imaginative you can become, these paint sets will provide a rainbow of fun and inspiring colors from lush greens to poppy pinks.

Lil’ Paint Pods are available in watercolor or poster paint, and watercolor pencils give you a versatile way to drench paper with deep color. Travel palettes make painting anywhere a breeze, and accessories such as watercolor paper and paintbrush sets give you a truly one-stop shopping experience.

Budding Artist Kids Paint Gift Sets are a great option to encourage a little one in your life, while Dot-A-Lot painting sets are a great way to add  color and texture to your project with a three-dimensional effect.