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Top 10 Cute Back to School Supplies You Must Have

Girl with yellow backpack full of art supplies in a classroom with green chairs and red lockers
One of the best parts of going back to school is shopping for new supplies. While erasers, pens and notebooks may be school staples, there’s no reason why you can’t get incredibly cute scented erasers, glitter pens and a sparkly notebook! We’ve rounded up these cute back to school supplies to kick the school year off right – and in style.

1. Color Together Colored Pencils

Starting off our cute back to school supplies list is this essential pencil kit — every color you need to create masterpieces of all types. The vibrant kit includes 18 classic shades, plus 6 skin tone colored pencils so you’ll have plenty of color for everyone! Pencils…check!!

Overhead image of Color Together Colored pencils in every color

2. Chunkies Paint Sticks - Classic Pack

Art class, science projects, posters- who knows what you’ll need to create! We’ve got an easy and mess-free solution… Chunkies Paint Sticks! Quick drying, no smudging & easy to hold, Chunkies are papers perfect companion. The Classics pack includes your six classic rainbow colors. However, if you combine colors together you can create a new color! Want more colors? Try the Chunkies Original Pack (12 colors) or the Chunkies Variety Pack which includes metallic & neon hues!

3. Do-Overs Erasable Highlighters

Whether you are a student or a teacher, everyone wants to erase their mistakes. This set of six colored highlighters have a little trick up their caps. Highlight those important homework passages with your favorite colors, or use them to color code a list. If you want to remove color, no problem! Each highlighting marker has its own eraser- easy peasy!

Overhead image of Do-Overs Six Erasable Highlighters in all colors of the rainbow

4. Noted! Graphite Mechanical Pencils

Calling all pastel lovers! Here are the most motivational #2 graphite pencils, Noted! Graphite Mechanical Pencils. A handy pack of six colorful barreled pencils, each has its own inspiration quote to keep you happy all year long. They come pre-loaded with 2mm extra thick lead and even have a sharpener at the top of each pencil.

ooly's graphite mechanical pencils in pastel colors

5. Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

When it comes to cute school supplies look no further! Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens can make your classroom notes sparkle! These 12 amazing glittery colors, with a smooth gel ink, are scented with their own delicious fruity scent. These are the must-have gel pens for this school year.

6. Stickiville Sticker Collection

Head back to school in style-your style! Plain planners or to-do lists? No more! With Stickiville, OOLY’s new collection of fun, fantastical stickers, you can personalize your notes, planners, to-do lists and more. With a smorgasbord of cute themes and an assortment of finishes, Stickiville is bustling with whimsy and full of surprise. Simply add your favorite stickers to your pages; your individuality is waiting to be seen.

Different sets of Stickiville collections including letters, bunnies, stars, faces, and more

7. Cute Erasers

When mistakes happen, no fear because the cutest erasers ever are here! So many choices! Unique Unicorn Strawberry Scented Erasers are a set of five strawberry scented erasers that come with 4 colorful unicorns and one really large rainbow eraser. Now you can erase pencil made mistakes with the magical scent of sweet strawberries. If you’re looking for something a little different we also have a set of three Astronaut Erasers that are out of this world and your adventurer buddies into the mind-opening space of creativity!

Hands holding rainbow and unicorn erasers

8. Make No Mistake! Erasable Markers

Didn’t you mean to make that green unicorn pink? Well, erase it! The Make No Mistake! Erasable Markers fix your mistakes in an instant. No-stress organizing, list making, note taking unleashes the power of color coding without the fear of permanent ink!

Notebook with colorful notes including make no mistake markers examples

9. Unicorns Happy Pack

How about a “First Day of School” surprise pack! The Unicorns Happy Pack has essentials packaged together for the perfect school starter. You can stay sharp all day long while sketching and jotting all the wonderful ideas you have and with the jumbo scented eraser, you can wipe out not just a few mistakes, but all the mistakes!

Unicorns Happy Pack which includes pencil sharpener, funtastic pencils, and rainbow buddy jump erasers

10. OOLY Faves Bonus Box

Rounding out the top 10 cute back to school supplies is the OOLY Faves Bonus Box! This bundle has been carefully curated to keep you creative all year round. The sky's the limit with what you can create using OOLY’s tried and true favorite products. Colorful expression awaits!
Image of ooly favs bonus box with sketchbook, markers, dry clay, gel pens, gel crayongs, and coloring book

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